Lighting & Other Accessories




We have a wide variety of lighting, whether you are in need of a formal, elegant looking fixture, or just a simple, functional lighting system.  We take care of all installation, so you can concentrate on your event.

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Brass Chandeliers


Silver Chandelier


White Chandelier



Portable Light Tower


Wobble Light


Commercial String Lights (Available In White)


Lighting Pricing:



We offer a variety of sidewalls to meet your needs.  From solid, to cathedral windows, to clear windows, you can mix & match to achieve the look & function you desire. 



Sidewall Pricing:


Heating & Fans


Our selection of fans, evaporative cooling units, and heat systems are perfect for keeping you comfortable during your special event.

Patio Heaters


225,000 BTU Heater


Heated 40×80 Tent  With Sidewalls                                   


Fans & Heating Pricing:


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Staging, Dance Floors, & Other Accessories:

*Price does not include delivery.  Delivery is calculated from Boaz, AL  to your site at $2.00 per mil