Inflatables & Games

* Unless Otherwise Noted Inflatable Pricing Is For Weekend Rental
* Except for OTC items, pricing is for local delivery.  Delivery outside Boaz city limits will be billed at $2.00 per mile.

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Advertisement Inflatables

Sky Dancer
Sky Dancer – $100* / Week
Eagle – $200* / Week

Jump Inflatables

$200 EACH
Star Wars
Despicable Me
Castle 2 Jump
Castle 2
Pirates of the Caribbean
Pirates of the Caribbean
Disney Cars
Disney Cars
Toy Story
Toy Story
Dream Castle
Dream Castle
Sponge Bob
Sponge Bob
Disney Princess
Disney Princess
Scooby Doo
It's a Girl Thing
It’s a Girl Thing
Mickey Park
Mickey Park
Funny Farm
Funny Farm
Sports USA
Sports USA
Finding Nemo
Finding Nemo
Go Diego
Go Diego
Justice League
Justice League
Racing Fun
Racing Fun
Looney Tunes
Looney Tunes
Module Jump
Module Jump
Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty
Sports Car
Sports Car
Sesame Street
Sesame Street
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

 Dry Only Combo Inflatables

Lil Pirate Ship
Lil Pirate Ship – $250*
Ninja Castle Combo
Ninja Castle Combo – $250*
Sports USA Combo
Sports USA Combo – $250*
Star Defender
Star Defender – $250*
Bouncing Barnyard
Bouncing Barnyard – $250*
Air Castle Combo
Air Castle Combo – $250*
Fire Dog Combo
Fire Dog Combo – $250*
Police Dog Combo – $250*
Justice League Combo
Justice League – $250*
Castle Combo 7
Castle Combo 7 – $250*
Dry Combos – toddlers to 7 years old:
Module Combo
Module Combo – $200*
Space Saver Combo
Space Saver Combo – $200*

Wet or Dry Combo Inflatables

* $250 EACH
Noah's Ark
Noahs Ark
Tropical Island Combo
Tropical Island
Club House Combo
Club House
Castle C4 Combo
Castle C4
KidZone Combo


Chip Shot Golf
Chip Shot Golf – $150*
Home Run Challenge
Homerun Challenge – $150*
Rock N' Roll Joust
Rock N Roll Joust – $250*
World Sports Challenge
World Sports Challenge – $250*
Wrecking Ball
Wrecking Ball – $250*
Under The Knife
Under The Knife – $100
Spin Art
Spin Art – $30

Wet/Dry Slides

Little Surf Slide
Little Surf – $300*
Splash Blue Slide
Splash Blue – $300*
Backyard Slide
Backyard Slide – $300*
Choo Choo Jump N Slide
Choo Choo Jump N Slide – $300*
Adventure Island Double Slide
Adventure Island – $300*
The Patriot Slide
Patriot Slide – $350*
Funny Farm Slide
Funny Farm Slide – $350*
Steamer Stan
Steamer Stan – $350*
Circus Time
Circus Time – $350*
Big Kahuna
Big Kahuna – $350*
Double Splash Slide
Double Splash – $350*
Wipe Out
Wipe Out – $350*
Mega Twist
Mega Twist – $400*
Rockin Rapids
Rockin Rapids – $400*
North Woods Flume
North Woods Flume – $400*
Wet/Dry Slides – toddlers to 7 years old:
Tahiti Island
Tahiti Island $300*

Wet Only Slides

California Wave Surf N Slide
California Wave  $200* Each
Single Lane Surf N Slide
Single Lane Surf N Slide  $200* Each
SpongeBob Surf N' Slide
SpongeBob Surf N’ Slide  $200* Each
Double Lane Surf N’ Slide $300* Each
Double Lane with Pool Surf N' Slide
Double Lane with Pool Surf N’ Slide $300* Each
Mickey Park Junior
Mickey Park Junior $300*
Lil' Kahuna
Lil’ Kahuna $300*
Over the Hill – $300*
Color Plunge Water Slide
Color Plunge – $300*
Rampage Slide
Rampage Slide – $400* (Min. Height 42″)

Dry Only Slide

The Wild One
The Wild One – $350*


Obstacle Courses

The Wild One Obstacle Side View
The Wild One Obstacle
The Wild One $650* / 8 Hours
Obstacle Challenge $250*
Monster Obstacle Course
Monster Obstacle $250*
Battlezone Obstacle $250*
Corn Maze Obstacle
Corn Maze Obstacle $250*
Ninja Challenge Obstacle Course
Ninja Challenge $250
Delta Foce
Delta Force 45′ $350*
Nuclear Obstacle 45'
Nuclear 45′ $400
Leaps N Bounds
Leaps N Bounds $400
Circus Train Obstacle
Circus Train $300*
Kidz Gym Obstacle
Kidz Gym
Jurassic Adventure Obstacle
Jurassic Adventure
$500* each / 8 hours
Obstacle Courses – toddlers to 7 years old:
My Little Farm
My Little Farm $250*
Fun Express Train Station $250*



Projector – $50
Projector Screen
Projector Screen – $50
Movie Kit (Projector, Screen, & Sound) $150*
Lectern $50*


Snow Cone Machine
Snow Cone Machine – $50
Cotton Candy Machine
Cotton Candy Machine – $50
Gas Grill
Gas Grill $50* + Propane

* Price does not include delivery. Delivery fee is calculated from Boaz, AL to your site at $2.00 per mile.